April 2016 Meeting

Join us Saturday, April 9, 2016, for our monthly meeting. The board will meet at 12:30 to discuss our affiliation report, followed by a general business meeting at 1pm.

At 2pm, Elia Winters will present a workshop on Romance Tropes and Feminism. This workshop will address some common romance concepts through the lens of how romance novels can help support positive relationships among women. Where does our writing fall into unconscious patterns that perpetuate harmful ideas? Jealous “other women,” slut shaming narratives, even the careers we choose for our protagonists all affect the way our novels are perceived in today’s market. We’ll discuss how to avoid these tropes and how to develop conflict without relying on the narrative that women are always in competition for a man’s affection. The workshop will also address body positivity in romance, how to write convincing women of a variety of sizes without body-shaming and why these characters are important.

We anticipate a stimulating discussion. We hope to see you there!

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