February and March Member News

Our authors have been incredibly productive this year! We’re pleased to share some of their accomplishments.

  • Jeanette Grey’s new erotic futuristic romance Through the Static was released by Samhain 1/20/15
  • Cara Connelly’s new “Save the Date” novel, The Wedding Band was released by Avon 2/10/15
  • K.A. Mitchell signed a contract for Put a Ring on It, the first in a new series called Ready or Knot. It will be released with Dreamspinner Press in September. The print release for her novel Bad Influence received a 4 star review in RT.
  • Debby Nolan received a request from an agent for a full manuscript.
  • Glen Ebishch’s Stormy Weather was accepted for publication by Five Star.
  • Anna Bowling’s essay on creativity appeared in Eryka Perkin’s 31 Days to Jump Start Your Life.
  • Virginia Frost received a request for a full manuscript.
  • Jean Gordon’s Winning the Teacher’s Heart will be in stores in May.
  • Jenna Kendrick’s first novel Relocated will be out April 7, to be followed shortly by Reconnected.
  • Julie Lomoe’s new novel Hope Dawns Eternal will come out this month.
  • Autumn Jones Lake’s new release Strength from Loyalty (Lost Kings MC#3) released March 17, 2015.
  • Rebecca Grace Allen revealed the cover of the 2nd book in her Portland Rebels series, The Hierarchy of Needs, out July 7, 2015 from Samhain.

Congratulations to our members on their continued success in pursuing their careers as romance writers.

Interview With Deborah Nolan

 Interview With Deborah Nolan

by Cara Connelly

Deborah Nolan

Deborah Nolan

Tell us about your path to publication.  What have you published to date?

I started writing when my son, now 35, was an infant.  I’d been practicing law until he was born but decided to stay home with him instead.  We’d just moved to New Jersey from Park Slope, Brooklyn, I didn’t know anyone, was home with my baby and my husband was working all the time.  I was pretty isolated and lonely.  I started by keeping a journal and then graduated into writing, mostly non-fiction.

When my son was in nursery school another mother invited me to join a critique group.  She also told me about the writing classes at The New School.  I joined the group, and am still a member of what’s left of it, and took classes, first in nonfiction and then fiction.  I got positive feedback at the classes and an article I wrote about having twins was accepted by “Twin Magazine.”  It was never published but I felt  somewhat validated and continued writing.

Along the way I joined MWA’s New York chapter and started going to their one day seminar and networking party where I met Erin and then Faith Black, an editor at Avalon.  She convinced me to send in my books and accepted both Suddenly Lily and Conflict of Interest. Faith and I are still in touch and I still am a member of MWA.


What do you like to read?

Like most writers, I was a reader first.  I usually have two or three books going at the same time and a book on tape in the car.  I read romances and mysteries but I also read literary and women’s fiction.  I don’t think I could stick to one genre.  There are too many good things to read out there.


Tell us about your latest book.

My latest book that I’ve submitted is Athens, a fish out of water tale about Sasha Moriarity, a 30 year old woman lawyer, who finds her boyfriend in bed with a colleague.  Humiliated and angry, she leaves New York for Athens, New York to check out the house she’s inherited from a grandmother she never knew.  She falls in love with Athens and her mysterious neighbor and all would be perfect if it weren’t for the escalating threats and vandalism that start to occur.  Although her life is threatened and she narrowly escapes death, because this is a romance, Sasha escapes without serious injury and finds happy ever after with her neighbor who turns out to be a Hollywood movie star who has been in hiding following a scandal.


 What’s next for you?

Right now I’m working on a sequel to Suddenly Lily partly because the book has done very well since Avalon was acquired by Amazon.  I am also writing it because I like Lily and the other characters and wanted to write more about them.

March 2015 Meeting

Spring is almost here! Warm up your writing by attending our March 2015 meeting, this Saturday, March 14, at the East Greenbush Public Library.

Our professional book club will meet at 12:30, followed by a business meeting at 1 p.m. At two, our own Jeanette Grey will lead a workshop on “The Art And Science Of Writing Deep POV“:

Readers crave it. Agents and editors demand it. Writing in Deep POV puts your readers in the minds of your characters, giving them the escapist, immersive experience they’re looking for every time they pick up a new book. In this workshop, RITA-finalist author Jeanette Grey explores both the art and the science of writing in Deep POV. Learn new ways to get into the heads of your own characters and bring their stories to life, while also picking up tricks for refining your writing and revising with an eye to creating the richest, deepest POV possible.

We look forward to seeing you there!