How Awesome Is My Chapter?

How Awesome is My Chapter?

At our January meeting, the members of CRRWA took the time to celebrate each other’s achievements for 2014. I was amazed and impressed by the sheer number of tasks, goals and writing that our authors completed in just 365 days. Our wonderful Hospitality Committee took up the task of compiling data on all our members. At the chapter meeting, KA Mitchell and Anna Bowling showed us just how accomplished our writers are.

Twenty members filled out a survey. KA crunched the numbers. Here are some quick stats:

chapter survey (3)

90%  Finished a work of fiction
70% Submitted a work to a publisher or agent
45% Pitched to an editor/agent
45% Contracted a work of fiction
10% Became a member of PRO
5% Became a member of PAN
5% Hit a Best Seller’s list
5% Were RITA Finalists

I know stats are a funny thing (especially for those of us who work mainly with words). It’s plain to see that Capital Region RWA is a working chapter. We have a total of about thirty-two members. With over 60% of the chapter answering the survey, I think these stats accurately represent this amazing chapter. Eighteen members surveyed finished a work of fiction. Fourteen submitted their work. And for the first time, we had a RITA finalist, Jeanette Grey.




Let me highlight a few of our members.

Jean C. Gordon, one of our founders published this year. Her book, Small-Town Midwife came out in March of 2014. This is her eleventh book. Her web page is

Midwife (3)

One of our newer members, Marie Lark, published Stripped Down in May, 2014.


Deborah Nolan, another of our long time members, published Second Act for Carrie Armstrong in January of 2014.

Carrie_Cover (3)

Tracey Lyons, another of our founders, published two books this year, The Spy who Learned to Love (a historical) and The Wedding Toast (a Kindle Worlds novella).


I cannot begin to tell you how proud and humble I am to know and work with these writers. I learn something new about writing at every meeting, whether it be craft, marketing or just dealing with juggling the writing life. CRRWA is not just a hardworking group of writers. They are friends, coworkers, confidants and mentors. I am so honored to be the president of this amazing group. Come visit us and join our family.

Thank you.

Christine Dreidel, CRRWA President


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