Congratulations, CR-RWA Members!

At our March meeting, we took time out to celebrate our authors’ achievements. In the past year alone, of our 30 members:

  • 13 completed a manuscript
  • 10 sold a manuscript
  • 4 joined RWA’s PRO community
  • 2 joined RWA’s PAN community
  • 2 self-published books
  • 3 contracted with an agent
  • 7 received requests in response to queries
  • 4 received requests to revise and resubmit
  • 2 attended their first conference

We could not be prouder of our authors for having such a successful, productive year!


Special thanks to the chairs of our Hospitality Committee, K.A. Mitchell and Anna Bowling, for arranging this celebration and doing such a wonderful job with it.

Here’s to an equally successful 2014!

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