December 2018 Meeting + Member News!

Our annual member celebration will take place this Saturday, December 8.

The board will conduct its final board meeting of the year at noon. Members are welcome to attend, or they can contact Kari with any items they would like to see the board discuss.

The member recognition and appreciation celebration begins at 1pm. Be sure to fill out the survey sent out last week so your achievements can be recognized! (Check your email, the Facebook group, or KA if you need the link.)

November Member News

KA Mitchell — Stuffed Stockings is coming out Dec 19. Bad Habit was released in October.

One thought on “December 2018 Meeting + Member News!

  1. I checked my email and can’t find anything about a survey. Could you please resend it? don’t have much about accomplishments to boast about, but surviving brain surgery is something and I do plan to attend Saturday.

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